a. Archaelogical aesthetics b. Based on true stories c. Stroppy/Revelatory


Karl Gerstner: Principles Not Recipes
by Richard Hollis

Sinister/Bastard: Interchangeable Paragraphs on a Typographical Sign
by Steve Rushton

Two Systems for London
by Robin Kinross

Foundation 33 Sticker

An Interview with Judith Williamson
by Gerry Beegan

Another Statement: Who Sares?
by Roger Bridgman

Disrepresentationism Now!
by Experimental Jetset

Some Thoughts on Milan Kundera and Translation
by Peter Bilak

CorporateIDmaker: Proposal/Notes
by Petr van Blokland

i swear..everywhere i go now...theres a hundred f ucking pop up windows!
by Paul Elliman

Sinister/bastard: Interchangeable paragraphs on a typographical sign
by Steve Rushton

David Byrne: Getting the I out of design
by Sytze Steenstra

Harmony Korine: an annotated CV
by Anna Gerber

by Emily King

Record reviews
by goodwill

Answers to missing questions
by Experimental Jetset

Street posters
by Loesje

by Matt Lloyd

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