DDDD (a collection of items originally shown in the magazine)

Arranged together with Stéfan Kalmar

Lyon Biennial
La Sucrière - Confluent
Port Rambaud, quai Rambaud
69002 Lyon

19 September 2007 – 6 January 2008



1. see: Louis Lüthi & Radim Peško, ‘Mitim (Gamma)’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: Louis Lüthi & Radim Pesko, type specimen screenprint, 2007)
2. see: Stuart Bailey, ‘Equation for a Composite Design (2): Best Of’ in DDD8, 2004 (source: Wire, Pink Flag LP, 1977; Chairs Missing LP, 1978; 154 LP, 1979; On Returning compilation LP, 1989)
3. see: Paulina Ołowska, ‘Cˆi Vu Parolas Esperanton?’ in DDD5, 2002, (source: Esperanto motto screen, 2005)
4. see: Mark Owens & David Reinfurt, ‘Group Theory (A Short Course in Relational Aesthetics)’ in DDD7, 2003 (source: Total Design publicity photograph, 1982)
5. see: Mark Owens, ‘Graphics Incognito’ in DDD12, 2006 (source: Raymond Pettibon, Black Flag logo, c.1990 / Muriel Cooper, MIT Press logo, c.1970, adhesive vinyl)
6. see: David Reinfurt, ‘Global Branding (Part 1: The Past’ in DDD8, 2004 / Stuart Bailey, ‘Elemental Mathematics’ in DDD9, 2004 (source: ‘Money’ spread from The Last Whole Earth Catalog, 1972)
7. see: Ryan Gander, ‘Hergé’s Realisation …’ in DDD9, 2004 (source: Ryan Gander, Hergé’s realisation that Alph-Art was conceptually flawed, Georges Remi’s realisation that Alph-Art was conceptually flawed and Kuifjé’s realisation that Alph-Art was conceptually flawed, dry transfer, 2003)
8. see: Will Holder, ‘These Woodcuts Could Safeguard a Nation! in DDD9, 2004 (source: Edward Wadsworth, dazzle ship woodcut, c.1920; lithographic proof, c. 1970)
9. see: Louis Kaplan, ‘Hanging Up Moholy’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: Dexter Sinister, Blazon for Moholy-Nagy, lithograph, 2007)
10. see: Sytze Steenstra, ‘David Byrne: Getting the I Out of Design’ in DDD4, 2001 (source: Robert Rauschenberg design for Talking Heads, Speaking in Tongues LP, 1983)
11. see: Stuart Bailey, ‘Wyndham Lewis’ in DDD11, 2005 (source: Chris Evans, Wyndham Lewis, airbrush painting, 2005)
12. see: Michael Bracewell & Jon Wilde, ‘Mark E Smith’ in DDD11, 2005 (source: Chris Evans,
Mark E Smith, airbrush painting, 2005)
13. see: Rob Giampietro, ‘Collected Words’ in DDD14, 2007 (source: Richard Hamilton, Collected Words, London: Thames & Hudson, 1983)
14. see: David Greene, Samantha Hardingham & John Morgan Studio, ‘I.U.’ in DDD11, 2005 (source: John Morgan Studio, poster for the Invisible University, screenprint, 2005)
15. see: Gerard Byrne, ‘1984 and Beyond (Screenplay)’ in DDD13, 2006 / Emily Pethick, ‘On 1984 and Beyond’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: Gerard Byrne, On 1984 and Beyond, photograph, 2007)
16. see: David Reinfurt, ‘Post-Master’ in DDD12, 2006 / Benjamin Franklin, ‘Editorial (2)’ in DDD13, 2006 / David Reinfurt, ‘Superdollars’ in DDD14, 2007 (source: Portrait of Benjamin Franklin, etching, c. 1770; photograph, 2007 / Tony Law, Trying to find flaws, if any, in an enlargement of a ‘superdollar’, photograph for The New York Times, July 23, 2006)
17. see: Steve Rushton, ‘Like Sailors on the Open Sea’ in DDD14, 2007 (source: Otto Neurath, Strikes and Lockouts in the section ‘Society and Economy’ of Atlas, 1930; facsimile print, 2007; courtesy Stroom, The Hague)
18. see: Stuart Bailey, ‘Equation for a Composite Design (1): Two Ideologies’ in DDD8, 2004 (source: Stuart Bailey, Two Ideologies, Merry Pranksters ‘Furthur’ LSD blotter, c. 1970 / Sex Pistols, Pretty Vacant 45" single, 1977)
19. see: Diedrich Diederichsen, ‘AA Philosophy’ in DDD8, 2004 (source: Scritti Politti, Asylums in Jerusalem/Jacques Derrida 12" single, 1983)
20. see: Katrine Herian, ‘Obituaries 1999’ in DDD11, 2005 (source: Katrine Herian, from the series Obituaries 1999, silver gelatin print, 1999)
21. see: Paulina Ołowska, ‘Bauhaus Yoga’ in DDD6, 2002 (source: Paulina Ołowska, photograph of Bauhaus Yoga performance at Botanic Garden, Inverleith House, Edinburgh, 2001; courtesy Cabinet gallery, London)
22. see: Stuart Bailey, ‘On Graphic Design, 1982’ in DDD2, 2001 / Stuart Bailey, ‘On Graphic Design, 1979’ in DDDX, 2005 (source: XTC, Go2 LP, 1979)
23. see: Stuart Bailey, Alice Fisher & Ryan Gander, ‘Little Bastard (The invention and introduction of a new word)’ in DDD11, 2005 (source: Ryan Gander, Mitim, photograph, 2005)
24. see: Howard Singerman, ‘Extended Caption’ in DDD14, 2007 (source: Alfred H. Barr, page from Cubism and Abstract Art (New York: MoMA, 1936 / Mike Kelley, sketch for Entry Way (Genealogical Chart), 1995; courtesy Kelley Studio)
25. see: ‘Paul Elliman, ‘City Turned Upside Down’ in DDD8, 2004 (source: Harry Beck, sketch for London Underground map, c.1930; photograph courtesy Ken Garland, 2004)
26. see: Paul Elliman, ‘A–Z, 0–9, Yes/No’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: Paul Elliman, Ouija Board for Josef Albers, hardboard, 2002)
27. see: Seth Price, ‘Décor Holes’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: Dexter Sinister & Seth Price, (Courtesy of Seth Price (Mallarmé), lithograph, 2007 / Dexter Sinister & Seth Price, Courtesy of Seth Price (Broodthaers), lithograph, 2007)
28. see: Maxine Kopsa, ‘Dear Dear Dear Kippenberger’ in DDD11, 2005 (source: Martin Kippenberger, Untitled, 1995, pencil on hotel stationery; courtesy Estate Martin Kippenberger / Galerie Gisela Capitain)
29. see: Justin Beal, ‘Decoration*’ in DDD14, 2007 (source: Justin Beal, Decoration, photograph, 2007)
30. see: Paul Elliman, ‘A Late Evening in the Future’ in DDD5, 2002 (Paul Elliman, The Shipping Forecast, faxed drawing, 2002)
31. see: Kim Levine, ‘Doing Nothing (A conversation with Eugene Menard)’ in DDD2, 2001 (source: Eugene Menard, Butcher’s Bar, London EC1, photograph, 2001)


1. see: Mark Owens, ‘Soft Modernist: Discovering the Book Covers of Fred Troller’ in DDD6, 2002 (source: Jeremy Bentham & John Stuart Mill, The Utilitarians)
2. see: Ryan Gander, ‘The Boy Who Always Looked Up’ in DDD7/8, 2003/4 (source: Ryan Gander, The Boy Who Always Looked Up, Manchester: Cornerhouse, 2004)
3. see: Frances Stark, ‘On Biography: Feminin’ in DDD11, 2005 (source: Frances Stark, found transparency of Sue Lloyd, c. 1990)
4. see: David Crowley, ‘Applied Fantastic’ in DDD9, 2004 (source:Ty i Ja, nr 12 (92), 1967)
5. see: Paul Elliman, ‘Writing on Money’ in DDD7, 2003 (source: found banknotes with writing, various dates)
6. see: Neil Mulholland, ‘Guaranteed Disappointment’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: Barney Bubbles, John Cooper Clarke songbook, London: Omnibus, 1979)
7. see: Stuart Bailey, ‘Never Mind The Bollocks (After Jamie Reid)’ (source: J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey, Boston: Little, Brown, 1961)
8. see: Robert Garnett, ‘Faxbak’ in DDD2, 2001 (Bank, from the series Faxbak, amended press release, 1998; courtesy Phil Aarons)
9. see: Rob Giampietro, ‘Form-giving’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: New Yorker subscription card with writing, 2006)
10. see: Chris Evans, ‘The Freedom of Negative Expression’ in DDD14, 2007 (source: Chris Evans, The Freedom of Negative Expression, shooting script, 2007)
11. see: Alex Klein, ‘Greetings From Bhutan’ in DDD13, 2006 (source: Bhutan ‘talking stamps’ from the series SC 152–152F, 1973)

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