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Doing Nothing or An Email Conversation with Eugene Menard
by Kim Levine

In The Surf or What is a Typographer in a Culture where Emotions and Images Prevail at the Expense of Thoughts and Words?
by Wigger Bierma

SolReSol: Langue Musique Universelle or Interpreting a Broken Wineglass
by goodwill

Joep Van Lieshout, Artist, Sculptor, Designer, Scientist, Inventor, Racing-car Driver or A Case-Study in Roleplaying
by Ryan Gander

On Faith and Foundation 33 or Makers vs. Takers
by Conny Purtill

The People's Charter

Fragment from ROMA 28

Statement or I'm Frightened [read]
by Roger Bridgman

Experimental Jetset versus The World

Stereotypes on the Street or In Search of Mr Ligac
by Peter Bilak

Girl in the picture or Excerpts from the Ford Taunus Project (unfinished)
by Daniel van der Velden

Magritte's Wrong or A Moment of your Time (Call for Entries)
by Erik van Blokland

Moving Targets or Cappuccino Arrives at Glasgow Airport
by Christopher Wilson

Telemarketing Script vs. Counter-script

After Charter 99 or Not Just an Architecture, a Just Architecture
by Shumon Basar

Q: Norman Potter
A: John Morgan

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