S as in SStenographer


by David Reinfurt

Unworking Bartelby the Scrivener
by Dmitri Siegel

The Aesthetics of Distribution (1)
Questions Without Question Marks
A(nother) conversation with Robin Kinross
by Stuart Bailey

Shorts 1–4
by Graham Meyer

Rietveld Reconstructions
by Ryan Gander

Modern times
by Melissa Gronlund

The Aesthetics of Distribution (2)
A Rear Guard
An interview with Mark Wigley
by David Reinfurt

by Justin Beal

by John Morgan etc.

Extended Caption
to Alfred Barr’s History and Mike Kelley’s Entry Way
by Howard Singerman

Collected Words
by Rob Giampietro

The Aesthetics of Distribution (3)
Right to Burn
A drink with Christoph Keller
by Stuart Bailey and Sarah Crowner

Stephen Willats and The Speculative Diagram
by Emily Pethick

Like Sailors on the Open Sea
by Steve Rushton

Shoot the Player Piano!
by Alex Waterman

The Freedom of Negative Expression
by Chris Evans

Not an ‘ss’
by Louis Lüthi


Inside back cover
Mitim (delta)
by Radim Pesko


The Middle of Nowhere
Chapter 3 (continued)
by Will Holder

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