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by David Reinfurt

Rock'n'Roll as Real Estate
A Script for Radio Broadcast
by Ian Svenonius

The Book Abstracted
A Meditation and Two Bibliographies
by Katherine Gillieson

Res Facta
by Alex Waterman

Little Bastard
The Invention and Introduction of a New Word
by Ryan Gander
with Alice Fisher & Stuart Bailey

The Alphabet as Memento Mori
by Louis Lüthi

by David Greene, Samantha Hardingham
& John Morgan Studio

Algorhythmic by Design
by Steve Rushton

Paper Language
by Ryan Holmberg

Graphics Incognito
by Mark Owens

by Seth Price

Art Books Now: 7 Theses
(From an Accomplice's Point of View)
by Dieter Roelstraete
illustrated by Chris Evans

Tense Relations
by Rob Giampietro

Newspaper Clippings, April 3, 2005 – April 3, 2006
by Louis Lüthi

Message on a Bottle
by Dmitri Siegel

MITIM (beta)
by Radim Pesko

The Middle of Nowhere
chapters 1 and 2
by Will Holder

A Distributed Reader
compiled by David Reinfurt

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