High Modernists Wax Wings

On Biography (Féminin)
by Frances Stark

Between Broadway, BLAST, and T.A.F.K.A.P

On Biography (Masculin)
or Public Image Limited
by Stuart Bailey

Phase IV
screenplay by Gerry Beegan
(after Saul Bass)

Directed by Saul Bass
(notes on PHASE IV)
by Gerry Beegan

E and O
Simon Crtchley on Samuel Beckett's 'Film'

Obituaries 1999
by Katrine Herian

Truth and Fact in Documentary Cinema
by Werner Herzog

Tales from Little Dipper
by Steve Rushton

Writing My Life
by Ryan Gander

Towards Assumption
by Emmanuelle Dauplay

Dear Dear Dear Kippenberger
by Maxine Kopsa

The John Peel Effect
by Robert Garnett

Wyndham Lewis
by Stuart Bailey

Mark E. Smith
by Michael Bracewell and Jon Wilde

Liam Gillick on Repeat
by Mark Owens

Comic Marxism: Punk's Day-glo and the Bash Street Kids
by Ben Watson & Esther Leslie

DDDB: Peu Importe les Conneries (par Jamie Reid) / Never Mind the Bollocks (after Jamie Reid)
by Stuart Bailey

MITIM (Alpha)
by Radim Pesko

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