'Your work has been a continuous dialogue with form?'

'If you like', I replied diffidently.

Elementary Mathematics

by David Reinfurt

When Surface Was Depth
Mark & Steve Beasley

Hergé's Realisation
by Ryan Gander

by B.S.Johnson

Ars Gratia Artis
(Some Notes on the History of Film Studio Logos)
by Esther Johnson

Part Notes
(Ways of Seeing 'Fratres' by Arvo Pärt)
by Rob Giampietro

You Are, Therefore I Think
(The Considerate Iconicity of Stefan Themerson's Semantic Poetry)
by Sanne de Boer

These Woodcuts Could Safeguard a Nation!
(on Edward Wadsworth's Dazzle Ships)
by goodwill

Applied Fantastic
(On the Polish Women's League Magazine 'Ty i Ja')
by David Crowley

I Build My Time (facsimile):
a collage built on text by Kurt Schwitters by Klaus Stadtmüller (introduced by David Lillington)

Extension Trip
(With Particular Reference to Stereolab)
by Robert Garnett

Future Imperfect
(With Non-particular Reference to Stereolab)
by Rick Poynor

(no title)
by Chris Evens

In Which the World is Leaking In and You are Leaking Out
(Notes on/Quotes from 'The Joy of Sex' and 'The Breast')
by Maria Fusco

by Radim Pesko

The Shopping Basket Has Been Disabled
(Some Thoughts on the Work of Craighead & Thomson)
by Steve Rushton

ABC for the Other Reader
(Linguistic Excercises on the Work of Jan van Toorn)
by Els Kuijpers

An Introduction to Europolis
(Backwards Portrait of the Artist as 12-point System)
by Alon Levin

Pas Paris
by Roma Pas

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