1. Providence 2. Resolve 3. Alcohol


Dear X
by Stuart Bailey

The Boy Who Always Looked Up (part two)
by Ryan Gander

City Turned Upside Down
by Paul Elliman

by Anna Gwendoline Jackson

Shadow Lovers
by Momus

Equation for a Composite Design (Parts I, II and III)
by Stuart Bailey

Global Branding
by David Reinfurt

The Metaphor Topology Riddle, or, etc. etc.
by Graham Meyer

I’ve Gone Modern
by Gerry Beegan

Why Are All These Books Orange?
by Dmitri Siegel

The English Breakfast as a Modular System
by Katherine Gillieson

The Art of the Film Essay
by Kodwo Eshun

AA Philosophy
by Diedrich Diederichsen

Design for a new disease
by John Körmeling

A Coming Of Age Reading Checklist
by Brian McMullen

Manchester City Centre
by Jim Medway

Czech Dream Project
by Antonín Kosík

Dead Americans (excerpt)
by J.J. King

Cloak and Dagger
by Steve Rushton

Black, American, Express
by David Reinfurt

Journal of High-Principled Typography
by Karel Martens

About Nothing, Really
by Peter Bilak

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