God is in the footnotes


The Problem with Posters
by Rob Giampetro

Mexico 1968 / Rotterdam 2003
(A Footnote to ‘History of a New Font’, DDD 6)
by Peter Bilak

Forum Magazine
by Ewan Lentjes

‘Landy’s (Failed) Gesture’ and the General Intellect
by J.J. King

The Every Day Story of Flesh-eating, Blood-sucking Freaks
by Steve Rushton (with John Russell)

Eno and the Long Now
by Michael Bracewell (with Brian Eno and Lucy McKenzie)

by Katherine Gillieson

Writing on Money
by Paul Elliman

Group Theory
(A Short Course in Relational Aesthetics)
by Mark Owens & David Reinfurt

Lazy Sunday Afterthoughts
by Experimental Jetset

The Boy Who Always Looked Up (part one)
by Ryan Gander

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