Graph. Des., Art, Lang., Lit., Mus., Film, etc.


A Proposal
by Ken Garland

Loose Associations
by Ryan Gander

Zang Tang Tumb
by Experimental Jetset

Mike Figgis: Rushes from ‘In the Dark’
by Mike Figgis/Stuart Bailey

A Field Guide
by David Reinfurt

Bauhaus Yoga
by Paulina Olowska

History of a New Font
by Peter Bilak

Now in Full Colour
by James Goggin

Interior View
by Claire Bartoli

C–JLG–A: Archive/Text/Quotation – CinÉphile/Critic/CinÉaste
by Esther Johnson

Soft Modernist:
Discovering the Book Covers of Fred Troller
by Mark Owens

The Typographer's Widow
by Kapil Kachru

Fuck Heroes (I Believe in Heroes)
by Dmitri Siegel

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